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About Us

Our history merges with the history of our land
and our ancestors.

Since 1984

Founded by Manuel Vieira Pinto, the MVPINTO company is dedicated to granite extraction, processing and marketing, nationally and internationally.. With own quarry, the company's focus is on quality granite supply to give life to the most demanding projects.

The company has a strong ecological dimension with the mission to preserve the environment. For this purpose, It makes every effort to avoid product waste, seeding a materials recycling culture..

With the help of the proper equipment and an experienced and professional team, the granite extraction process is carried out with great care necessary to preserve the raw material.

After its extraction, the rock is transported in our trucks to be transformed into pieces with the size and the desired finish by the customer.

The MVPINTO continues to refine their techniques and invests in quality machines, dominating, in full, all granite processing procedures, from cutting to final finishes.

Always with the customer's satisfaction on mind,, the company complies strictly with the product delivery times and, by order, It produces all kind of measures.

The MVPINTO granite products can be seen in various parts of the world, especially in the European , African and American continent..

All products exported to Europe hold the marking THIS, applicable to products that have been accomplished and demonstrated all the necessary EU requirements..

The Art of Granite

Essentially composed on three mineral (mica, feldspar and quartz), granite has a high hardness and durability degree., and a wide variety of colors. Resistant to the action of chemicals, abrasion, scratchs, impacts and wear, it is commonly found on pavements, buildings and monuments.

During last years, there was a strong trend on using granite for internal and external environment decorations.. As examples, we can see the granite pools, sills, kitchen counters.... Due to its natural characteristics, granite is also an excellent material for furniture and timeless decorations as tables or coffee tables, counters and shelves.